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Who we are


Trevor Loveland

Founder & Director, Minds Eye Interactive Ltd

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Development Partner for
Oasys software

When you choose any new supplier, including software developers, you probably want to find out a bit about the business, the team and the individuals you’re dealing with.

I founded Minds Eye Interactive in 2003 to combine programming skills with 3D visualisation skills. I work with a team of tried-and-tested associates in the UK and India to develop apps for mobile devices and create interactive 3D computer programs, websites and games.

For ten years, I worked as a computer programmer / 3D visualiser for Ove Arup Partnership, who remain our main client to this day.

I’m not a complete geek who’s tied to a computer all the time – as well as developing software, I’ve lived on a Kibbutz, traveled around the world and worked as a construction site engineer. My hobbies include flying microlights, paragliding / paramotoring, squash and archery.

With years of experience in computer programming and 3D visualisation, Minds Eye Interactive aims to deliver – beautifully – whatever interactive applications and interfaces the mind can conceive! I look forward to helping you with your software development soon.


What we do

We have 3 strands to our business:

  • Apps for Smart Devices

    We launched our first App on the Apple App Store in 2012 (Minds Eye Black Box) and have since created a number of custom Apps for a variety of clients. We develop Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8 devices.

    We can create custom Apps to add value to your business.  >>More information

  • Data Visualisation

    We can create custom computer programs which generate easily understood graphical representations of raw data from tests or analysis. We have a track record in creating sustainability software for major engineering companies, aiding decision making and communication within projects.  >>More information

  • Interface design

    If you have a computer program that is looking a bit 'dated' we can update the whole interface to 'beautify' it, making it look stylish and intuitive to the end-user. We've also created a number of WPF Themes for using in projects to give an instant impressive interface. >>More information



Registered in England. No 4565651