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Adobe Director Xtras

We provide useful PC xtras for Macromedia Director Versions 8 through to 10 and Adobe Director Versions 11 and 11.5 for creating multimedia applications.

If you require any custom tools or applications, please call +44 (0) 1962 774 972 for a free quotation.


Minds Eye BézierCurve

The Minds Eye BézierCurve creates 2D & 3D Bézier curves for drawing, animation and effects. You can even import 3D Studio MAX splines.

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DLL Binder Xtra

DLLBinder DLLBinder XTRA is plug-in software for use with Macromedia Director. With this XTRA you will be able to call APIs in many Microsoft Win32 DLLs and third party Win32 compatible DLLs.

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DLL Binder Pro Xtra

DLLBinder Pro XTRA is the big sister of DLLBinder with increased performance and capabilities including image support and multi-threading.

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String Handler Xtra

String Handler String Handler XTRA is a FREE plug-in for use with Macromedia Director. With this XTRA you will have additional functionality for manipulating text strings in Lingo.

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Fractal Voyager

Fractal Voyager is an application we created initially as a test for DLLBinder. Much like the organic patterns it creates, it quickly grew into its own thing.

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