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Minds Eye BézierCurve


The Minds Eye BézierCurve is an XTRA for use by developers writing lingo for Adobe Director versions 8.5 to 11.5 and currently under Win32 Operating Systems only.

It is very simple and easy to use. It's an Xtra that allows a Lingo programmer to create curved lines based on 4 points (2 end points and 2 control handles).

However, it's not just for drawing curved lines...

Create 2D animations

The Minds Eye BézierCurve XTRA contains 7 functions for working with Bézier curves in different ways. Essentially, a call to one of the handlers generates a list of points. You can use these points to draw curves or create animations. For example, each time the exitFrame handler is called, you can simply set the location a sprite to be the next location in the list (see example at bottom of page).


Create 3D geometry and 3D animations

The Minds Eye BézierCurve XTRA also works with 3D data. By supplying four vectors, BézierCurve XTRA returns a list of vectors in 3D space. Also, the BézierCurve XTRA can read XML files that have been exported from 3D Studio MAX using the FREE Minds Eye Shockwave 3D spline exporter (included in the Full Evaluation Bundle).



Example Applications

Download the Free Evaluation BezierCurve XTRA plus a demonstration director application containing a selection of working example BezierCurve Applications.

Each of the following icons displays a screen-shot from the example Director application (n.b. these are static images and don't contain any interaction)


Bezier example 1 Bezier example 2 Bezier example 3 Bezier example 4
Bezier example 5 Bezier example 6 Bezier example 7 Bezier example 8
Bezier example 9 Bezier example 10 Bezier example 11 Bezier example 12




Download the Full BézierCurve Evaluation Bundle.

Contained within this zip file are:

  • An evaluation copy of the Minds Eye BézierCurve XTRA
  • The BézierCurve XTRA compiled help manual
  • An example Director movie that demonstrates many uses of the Minds Eye Bézier XTRA
  • A MAX Script file to run within 3D Studio MAX. This allows you to export 3D splines and animation paths as XML files.
  • Example XML files that have been from exported 3D Studio MAX. Example 3DS MAX Files

>> Download Now!


Download the BézierCurve Compact Evaluation Bundle.

Contained within this zip file are:

  • An evaluation copy of the Minds Eye BézierCurve XTRA
  • The BézierCurve XTRA compiled help manual

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Buy the The Minds Eye BezierCurve XTRA

Payment is made to us via Paypal.

You do not need to have a Paypal account and there is no requiremnt for you to create one, in order to use this payment system.


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The following frame behaviour script creates an instance of the BezierCurve Xtra and uses it to move sprite(1) along a Bézier on each call to exitFrame handler.

property ptList

on beginSprite me
   pts = [point(290,300), point(300, 50), point(450, 310), point(440, 40)]
   ptList = []
   oBez = new(xtra "mevBezierCurve", "")
   oBez.mevcGet2dBezier(pts[1], pts[2], pts[3], pts[4],  200, ptList)


on exitFrame me
   --increment pInc if less than 200 (otherwise reset it back to one)
   if pInc < 200 then
     pInc = pInc + 1
     pInc = 1
   end if

   sprite(1).loc = ptList[pInc]
   go the frame