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Minds Eye Dark

A Dark theme, to create application with a style that is dark and solid. White foreground text, on top of a dark background provides an eye-catching look to your design.

When you are confused with colors, Dark is the way to go.



Minds Eye Dark - Tab 1 Minds Eye Dark - Tab 2 Minds Eye Dark - Tab 3


Minds Eye Dark Downloads


Download the Minds Eye Dark theme

MindsEyeDarkTheme.zip contains the following files

  • MindsEye.Wpf.Themes.Dark.v1.0.dll
  • MindsEye.Wpf.Themes.v1.0.dll
  • MindsEye DarkTheme Documentation.pdf
  • MindsEyeThemes_T-C.pdf

This is a FREE trial version. The zip file contains full documentation. If you like it, then purchase a license(s) from the links below.

Click here to download the free trial version of the Minds Eye Dark Theme.


Download example projects

Example_Files-MindsEyeDark.zip contains 4 projects to demonstrate different levels to apply Minds Eye Dark Theme to an interface:

  1. Example_AppLevel – displays how to use a theme by initializing it in ‘app.xaml’. Theme is
    applied to whole application. If there are three windows in that application, controls of all
    windows get the design of this theme.
  2. Example_WinLevel – displays how to use a theme by defining/declaring it in
    ‘MainWindow.xaml’. Theme is applied to the current window only.
  3. Example_ControlLevel – depicts how to use a theme for individual controls. Theme is applied to
    specific controls of a window.
  4. Example_CodeLevel – provides information about using a theme in code-behind (.CS) file.
    Theme will be applied on button-click, where function is defined inside the code-behind file.

Click here to download the Minds Eye Dark example projects.



We have 3 simple pricing structures for this theme:

  • The first type is a single full license £80
  • The second type of license is for the purchase of 3 or more licenses within a company £50 per license
  • Finally, the last license is for the full source code £900

Full version DLL

Price = £80.00



Site License

Price = £60.00 per license


Full source code

Price = £900.00





Current Version


Version 1.0.0 Release date: 1/4/2012