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Minds Eye Milliard Maze

Millard Maze Icon

A Billion mazes in one App!!

We developed this App in February 2013 using Adobe Director to output to iOS.

Millard Maze screen shot

Note - This is "Work in Progress" (09-02-2013)

This game was based on a project we worked on way back in 2005 – Target Zero for Carillion Plc:

Case study - Target Zero

As soon as we heard that Adobe are planning to release a long awaited verion of Director (version 12 – four years since the last release) which would have outupt to iOS, we managed to get ourselves on the Director pre-release program and create a version of the 3D maze App for the iPad.

About the Game

This App generates infiinate mazes in 3D (actually, we set a restriction to the possible number of mazes based on the possible base-36 Maze ID's the the user can enter - The total number of mazes is therefore the total number of possible maze ID's which is 1,088,391,150!).

It uses the "Dynamiks" physics engine so that the user can roll the ball around in an attempt to get the ball out of the maze in as shorter time as possible. Navigation through the maze is achieved by tilting the device left, right, forward and backward.

The user has the option to have his / her scores recorded on the 3D Maze score database. All the scores are displayed in the App interface score table.
When the user completes a maze, another random maze is generated each increment gets a little bit larger. The score that the user receives is based on the size and complexity of the maze. The user can keep playing and the highest score gets pushed up to the score database.

However, the user cannot play a same maze over and over improving the score each time - only the first time a maze id is logged can be scored.


How to play

There are two 3D views of the same maze – a 3D view from behind the ball;

Milliard Maze 3D View


and a plan view from above the maze:


The user can pick between the two views to make each active – if the 3D camera view is active a forward tilt forces the ball to roll away from the camera, left / right rotates the view around the the ball; if the plan view is active the ground rotates with the alignment of the device.

Click here to download the Millard Maze App from the Apple App Store (not available yet!)

Note: At the moment Milliard Maze is free! Although we are thinking about adding a small price for the App at a later date.

If you enjoy playing "Milliard Maze" and would like to show your appreciation, please consider giving a small donation. This would help us to create future updates.