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Minds Eye Interactive
  1. The latest iPhone App created by Minds Eye - Career Ladder
    Our latest iPhone App - Career Ladder. We have just submitted the App to Apple and are awaiting approval. Watch this space!
  2. New Minds Eye Interactive Website
    We've re-created our website. It did not make sense to offer App services and not have a 'mobile-ready' website! Our new website works well on all smart devices.
  3. SPeAR goes live!
    The Sustainability appraisal program we developed for Arup has been released.
  4. Minds Eye Black make the final adjustments to their second iPhone App, 'Career Ladder'
    We are now making the working on the final tidy-up of our latest iPhone App. It's called 'Career Ladder'. An App to work out your ideal career!! More information to follow...
  5. Minds Eye Black box gets approval from Apple
    Apple have Approved our first iPhone App. Black Box is FREE and available through the App Store.
  6. New Theme - Minds Eye Silver
    We've just released our second Theme : Minds Eye Silver
  7. The very first Minds Eye Blog!
    I've just created my very first ever blog! It's all about the Raspberry Pi. Please have a look.
  8. Raspberry Pi
    Received my Raspberry Pi today. I ordered it back in February! Going to have a play around with it over the weekend.
  9. New Theme - Minds Eye Dark
    Minds Eye create their first WPF Theme: Minds Eye Dark We aim to have 2 more themes available over the next month.
  10. Minds Eye Interactive Website goes live!!
    Finally! The new Minds Eye website has gone live! We've been updating the new website for about a year. The new website is Joomla-based CMS. Hope you like it.