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Pastel Chameleon

The Pastel Chameleon theme is a new theme we've created which we're very exited about. It's very unique and will prove to give a lot of potential to developers using WPF Themes.

Basically this is not static like all other Themes. The colours of all the individual elements can be changed instantly at regular intervals or simply to convey a specific purpose. For example, if an application has a number of different 'modes' this information could be instantly recognisable to the end-user by the colour of the interface. One example that comes to mind is in 3D Studio MAX, the borders of the viewports are displayed with a red border. Wouldn't it be much nicer for the whole of the interface (including buttons, sliders, text boxes etc.) to be a completely different colour?

Another use could be to subtly adjust the colours of the interface over a long period of time, cycling through random colour interfaces.

Actually the possibilities are endless.

The Theme is called "Pastel Chameleon" due to the colour range being restricted to the lighter pastel colours (e.g. Pink, pale blue, pale yellow etc.). If the parameters passed are not within the pastel range, then the input colour will be adjusted to its pastel equivalent.

It is incredibly easy to change the colour of the theme - just call the following command while the program is running:

SetThemeColour( rgb(202, 192, 255) );