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DLL Binder Xtra

Ever wished you could make a call from Director to some DLL you have, containing loads of lovely re-usable generic functionality -just like you can if you use Visual Basic or Visual C++. Well now you can with the DLLBinder XTRA. This simple-to-use XTRA allows you to take advantage of third party DLLs as well as providing a fast way of deploying your own low level custom functionality without having to write a Director XTRA.


DLLBinder can handle complex parameter types including arrays, structures and pointers.


The DLLBinder XTRA is designed for use by advanced Director developers wanting to deliver rapid power to their applications. While not a pre-requistit, an understanding of the C/C++ programming language is a distinct advantage.




Download DLLBinder

Click here to download you free evaluation copy of the DLLBinder XTRA.

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Buy DLLBinder (price = £49)


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Fractal Voyager

Fractal Voyager is an application created as a test harness for DLLBinder. Fractal generation is processor intensive and therefore more suited to being performed in a low-level routine outside of the Director environment. This is made possible by DLLBinder.

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