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DLL Binder Pro Xtra

The DllBinder Pro XTRA provides external low-level support to the high-level lingo scripting environment of Adobe Director. Its basic purpose is to cut development time by providing access the Win32 API and to the wealth of other commercial and freely available third party DLL libraries. In addition to this, those Director developers wishing to implement fast external solutions in order to streamline their applications can do so without having to create their own custom XTRAs. They need only go so far as to create a standard Win32 complient DLL - then call into it via the DllBinder Pro XTRA.



The DllBinder Pro XTRA is the big sister of DllBinder. It features increased performance and capabilities, yet has a modest file size of only 162K. Some of the new features of DllBinder Pro are:

  • Greater flexibility You can now load and unload DLLs as and when you choose to do so. You can release any/all resources held within the DllBinder Pro XTRA at any time.
  • User allocated memory management If you ever need to allocate memory in order to sucessfully call into an exported DLL API, then you can do so natively or via the managed memory API that automatically garbage collects all acquired memory.
  • Asynchronous call capability If you need to call into an exported DLL API that is blocking or takes a long time to complete, you can re-gain immediate contol over the Director UI by calling the exported DLL API asynchronously.
  • Image support The DllBinder Pro XTRA now supports the marshaling of lingo image data types between Director and an exported DLL API.


The DLLBinder Pro XTRA is designed for use by advanced Director developers wanting to deliver rapid power to their applications. While not a pre-requistit, an understanding of the C/C++ programming language is a distinct advantage.




Download DLLBinder Pro

Click here to download you free evaluation copy of the DLLBinder Pro XTRA.

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Buy DLLBinder Pro (price = £119)

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Fractal Voyager

Fractal Voyager is an application created as a test harness for DLLBinder. Fractal generation is processor intensive and therefore more suited to being performed in a low-level routine outside of the Director environment. This is made possible by DLLBinder.

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