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Minds Eye WPF Themes

Make your applications look stunning!

Do you want your applications to look as slick as Microsoft Expression Blend? How about the familiarity of Microsoft Office?

The Minds Eye WPF Themes is a suite of beautifully designed flawless WPF Themes that work seamlessly in Visual Studio and Expression Blend. They have been meticulously created by professional designers and developers.


About MindEye themes

These themes have been developed for WPF. Themes are written in C# and XAML and are compatible with .NET 4.0. We provide three different variations of the themes:

  • Free Trial version DLL
  • Full version DLL
  • Complete XAML code


These themes are XBAP-friendly, and can run within the limited permission set granted to XBAP applications.


Minds Eye Theme Viewer

Rather than plunging straight in and purchasing on of our themes, why not try them out first? Just download our "Theme Viewer"

This program contains all the possible interface elements that you could require along with all the Minds Eye Themes. This allows you to see how each interface element performs within each theme.




Tailor made themes

Are there some features of one or two of our themes that you like and features of another of our themes you also like?

If so, please get in touch and we can create a custom theme that fits in with your requirements and your software.

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