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Minds Eye Silver

Silver theme, to help you in creating applications with professional look. A perfect blend of different shades of grey gives it a Silver kind of appearance. When you want a traditional but stylish design, all you need is to apply the MindsEye Silver theme.



Minds Eye Silver - Tab 1 Minds Eye Silver - Tab 2 Minds Eye Silver - Tab 3


Click here to download the free trial version. <Release date for this product = 09/04/12 >



We have 3 simple pricing structures for this theme:

  • Free "Trial version" (this pops up a "nag-screen" every fifteen minutes) FREE
  • The first type is a single full license £80
  • The second type of license is for the purchase of 3 or more licenses with a company £50 per license
  • Finally, the last license is for the full source code £900


Full version DLL

Price = £80.00



Full source code

Price = £900.00



Site License

Price = £60.00 per license