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Black Box screen shots

Here is a typical sequence of screen captures from a game of Black Box in "1 Player" mode:


Screen Image 1

When the Black Box App first starts, the user is given the option to select "1 Player" or "2 Player" modes.

In this example, the user selects "1 player mode".


Black Box user manual

At any point during play the user can open the Black Box user manual.

This help section gives useful information about using the App, the rules of Black Box etc.


Blank Grid

The user has selected 1 player mode.

He / she is presented with an empty grid. Within this grid the computer has hidden 4 atoms. The user must find the locations of the atoms by pressing on the numbered markers around the outer edge of the grid.


Marker placement

The user must press on the desired location and hold on the screen (for about a second).

The desired column or grid will light up with a coloured laser and then a small explosion.

This procedure is necessary to avoid the user accidentally selecting the wrong marker location (each marker location will cost the user 1 or 2 points, depending on the result).

The responding marker will temporarily light up with a blue pulses.

In this example, the user has selected marker location 4 and the responding location is marker location 15.


Atom placement

Placing more markers, the user has decided that there is an atom at grid location intersected by marker 6 and marker 16.

(We will subsequently see that this is in fact a wrong location!)



Once the user has placed 4 atoms he /she can select the "Done" button. The program will show one-by-one which atoms the user got wrong and which atoms the user got right.

Here we can see that the atom position in the previous image was in fact incorrect.


Ray bounces After the program has displayed all the correct locations, the user can click on any of the marker locations to see how each ray bounces around the Black Box grid (even any location where a marker was not placed).



The user can view the scores. This is particularly useful in 2 player mode where full details are given for each round.

In 2 player mode, the winner is the first player to reach a score of 50 or more.