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Black Box Rules



The first type resulting ray is a complete miss. A ray has entered the BlackBox and exited out of the opposite side.
In this example a ray has entered the Blackbox at location 10 and exited at location 31.

Simple absorption (Hit)

The next type is also very simple - The ray entered the Blackbox (in this case from location 20) and it has an atom in its path.
A hit is indicated by a black marker.


Deflections occur when the ray encounters an atom in an adjoining row or column. In this example the ray has entered the Blackbox at location 14. It travelled along the horizontal path until it encountered the atom in the adjoining row 13. This forces the ray to turn 90 degrees, the opposite side of the atom encountered.

Double delfection

This is where two deflections cancel one-another out. They force the resulting marker to end up in the same location as the entering ray.

This type of ray is shown by a white marker (to differentiate it from a hit).


This is where the ray encounters one atom and then encounters another atom.
Here the ray entered the Blackbox at location 6 and exits at location 4.

Multiple detour

In this example, the ray bounces off all 4 atoms. In fact, it bounces off two of them twice!

There is no time limit. Points are gained for working out the atom locations in as fewer moves as possible.