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Minds Eye Services

The main services we offer are related to Multimedia programing, interface design, and smart phone Apps.

  • Mobile App Development - Our apps give you a mobile presence in the palms of thousands of users to dramatically increase your brand awareness and sales. Apps also allow your staff to work efficiently, in the office or on the road.
  • Interface Design - There’s nothing worse than a dated program. Why not let us re-vamp the whole interface to make it look appealing and engaging, helping you sell more products with more satisfied end-users.
  • Data Visualisation - Make numbers and data more visible and understandable. With our custom programs, you can easily monitor, make sense of and communicate business information to your clients and staff.
  • 3D Visualisation - We have a strong background with 3D Visualisation and custom 3D computer programs.
  • Software design - We have extensive programming capabilities using many different computer programming languages. Even if your software requirements don't come under any of the above categories, get in touch with us and I'm sure we can help.


If you require any help with your projects from creating smart device Apps to creating a graphical representation of data, or creation of a nice front-end interface design, please <Contact Us>