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Data Visualisation

We take raw data (e.g. output from analysis programs or recorded data from actual testing) and use it to generate an easily understood graphical representation of the data. Certain values can be enhanced to enable the viewer to quickly pinpoint areas of interest.

We have created Data Visualisation programs for the last 8 years using programs such as 3D Studio MAX and Macromedia Director.


Arup SPeAR

Arup SPeAR is a software tool created by Minds Eye Interactive for Arup Partnership International to ensure sustainability performance across a wide range of topics within a project. With this tool engineers are able to support sustainability decision making and communication within projects.

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VR Daylight Analysis

A VR application that allows the user to "walk" around a building and click on walls of interest. A "false colour" image is generated so that a user can immediately see the intensity of light.

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Daylight Control Algorithm

A program to demonstrate accurate lighting control in museums and galleries. It makes use of actual daylight analysis to control a 3D model of motorised lighting louvers.

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Leadenhall Street Lift visualisation

A program created to demonstrate how the lifts would operate at peak times based on output from "Elevate", a lift analysis program.

This was a program created using a combination "MaxScript" for 3D Studio MAX and Macromedia director.

The Max Script read though all the output data from the "Elevate" lift analysis program and generate a series of animations. The Director program was a holder for the animations and allowed the user to select different views at different times of the day.