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  • Random Mobile Fact: #12

Smartphone users are affluent and have a high disposable income

(Ask.com and Harris Interactive )

"Smart Apps for smart devices"

Minds Eye develop effective bespoke apps for a range of devices: on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows 8.


Black Box Icon In 2011 we launched our first App on the Apple Store: Black Box!

Black Box is an addictive retro logic game based on the original board game from the 1970s.

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Why your business needs an app

Why your business needs an app

Learn about the numerous benefits of custom apps and how they could be used for your business.

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App Development process

The development process for your App

We have a tried an trusted process for App development. We have found that this process works well not just for the client but it also helps us to achieve a very good understanding of your requirements.

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App not what I want

Seen an App which isn't quite what you want?

Have you found an app that looks great but doesn’t quite do what you want?

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