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  • Random Mobile Fact: #12

Smartphone users are affluent and have a high disposable income

(Ask.com and Harris Interactive )

We have a tried an trusted process for App development. We have found that this process works well not just for the client but it also helps us to achieve a very good understanding of your requirements.

App design process

 The development process for your App

1Get in touch with Minds Eye with your App enquiry and we will analyse it for you


2 We create a design brief and send it back to you.


3 We create mockup "Wireframe" views of the App. This will work out the complete interfaces of the App design. The images are deliberately made to look like sketches so that you won’t be distracted by small design details and you can focus on the more important aspects. Further modifications can be applied to the design brief at this stage


4 We work out completion deadlines and give you a price quotation. This is the price we will honour. There will be no hidden or extra fees except where both parties agree to a "Change Request"


5 1st Prototype creation - this is usually run within an iPhone Simulator. You see the App design coming together and are able to add comments and suggestions


6 Beta testing - the program is pretty much complete aside from a few tweaks and streamlining of the whole process


7 Complete and sign-off!