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  • Random Mobile Fact: #1

62% of UK mobile users own a smartphone.

Source: Adjustyourset.com

Why your business needs an app

Why your business needs an app

  • Affordable and effective way to reach more customers, increasing awareness of your brand/increasing sales
  • Allows customers to reach you in seconds. They can call/email you at the touch of a button to buy your products or set up an appointment with you
  • You can notify customers of promotions, special events and launches
  • You can store large amounts of information, such as videos and catalogues, on an app
  • Apps are faster than web pages and work when the device is offline. It takes a second to launch an App, whereas a website could be slow to upload in a bad reception area
  • Custom apps for your employees can keep them in touch with the office while on the move, increasing productivity, any time, anywhere! A survey of 240 businesses suggests that the use of mobile apps designed to help employees complete their work increased productivity by 45% and raised operational efficiency by almost as much (44%).


How an app could benefit your business

mobile example-offsite

Offsite employees

Your staff will be able to :

  • Retrieve and update information from your company database (e.g.  customer accounts, product inventory) while on the move
  • Produce interactive sales presentations for tablets e.g. iPad
  • Publish your full product catalogue as an iPad app, which your sales team use to show customers your entire range of products, demonstrate how your products work and produce quotes


mobile example-restaurant


Your customers will be able to:

  • Easily locate your restaurant
  • Make a reservation quickly: at the touch of a button
  • View menu items and daily specials. Lots more information can appear on a mobile app menu (e.g. source of food, details about wine etc).
  • Submit an order for delivery. No more paper menus through the door and phoning for delivery. Your customers can order online before they get home!
  • Join your loyalty and reward programs
  • Access special deals and promotional discount vouchers which you have advertised
  • Submit comments and feedback to you


mobile example-hotel


  • Increasing their revenue
  • Mobile bookings
  • In app room service orders
  • By highlighting on-site amenities
  • Sending push notifications


mobile example-retail


  • Demonstrate your product/service
  • Customers can browse your catalogue/check availability of stock
  • Help customers locate your store
  • Advertise special deals and generate promotional discount vouchers


Mobile example-healthcare


  • Book appointments
  • Monitor health (e.g. Blood sugar levels)
  • Make diagnoses or calculate the correct dosage
  • Access databases, journal articles and trial data