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Custom 3D Applications

Traditionally, animations would be played through a 3rd Party piece of Software such as Media Player. Minds Eye create custom applications for displaying these animations. These custom applications greatly increase the impact of your communication. They are bespoke and tailored to the needs of each project.

Lighting Gallery

This is an application created for Arup Lighting to send to clients on an interactive business card CD. It contains a walkthrough of a museum utilising Arup designed lighting. The walls are a showcase of some of their projects. As the viewer arrives at each project, information is displayed. As such this delivered both a stunning walkthrough of the current project whilst also showing other projects. This application is completely interactive. Let us know what you need and we will deliver an immersive interactive experience for your customers.



We have extensive programming capabilities specialising in custom applications (e.g. Interactive CD's and Data Visualisation programs) and Generic tools / plug-ins for 3D Studio MAX and Adobe Xtra plug-ins for Director.

We use a wide variety of programming languages from low-level Assembler through to C++ (making use of MAXSDK and MOA XDK etc.) and right up to High-Level languages such as MAXScript and Lingo.

Our most recent programming capabilities include C# and XAML for developing WPF applications, and Objective C for developing iOS apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.


If you require any custom tools or applications, please call (01962) 774 972 for a free quotation.

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Case Studies

Here are a couple of case studies of projects we've developed over the last few years:


In 2005 we were involved in a project for Carillion Plc. called "Target Zero" - A target of zero casualties on building sites. The brief was to create interactive CDs for Carillion to give out to school children in the vacinity of a very large building site in Portsmouth in order to explain to them about how dangerous building sites can be.

This interactive CD was nominated for a Health and Safety award in 2006.


There were 3 games on the interactive CD:

Search for Target Zero

Search for Target Zero

A 3D maze that the user has to navigate through against a timer. Every maze is generated "On-the-fly" so it's virtually impossible to get the same maze twice. Each level of the maze gets larger and larger...

We have recently made a version of this maze game for the iPhone and iPad - Coming soon!

Saving Target Zero

Saving Target Zero

This was our own version of 'Space Invaders' with the shields being the Target Zero logos. Points are awarded for each alien killed, the amount of time to complete a 'sheet' and the amount of Target Zero logos left at the end of each sheet (the more of the Target Zero's that are left, the more points - hence name "Saving Target Zero")

Hunt the Hazard

Hunt the Hazard

Hunt the Hazard

This was a 3D Pacman game. It is just like the 70's Pacman game except in 3D! The other major difference is whenever the user gets one of the 'power pills' not only can the user chase the Pacman 'ghosts' but a site hazard warning is displayed to the user.

Target Zero certificate

All three games store the user high scores. At any time the user can generate a certificate for each of the games. The children could send their certificates to the Target Zero offices to win a T-Shirt and other goodies...

The interactive CD also contained lots of other features including a 3D fly-around of the proposed site, screen-savers, wallpapers etc.

Further information about Carillions Target Zero Health and Safety project :


"Smart Apps for smart devices"

Minds Eye develop effective bespoke apps for a range of devices: on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows 8.

In 2011 we launched our first App on the Apple Store: Black Box! Black Box is an addictive retro logic game based on the original board game from the 1970s.

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You can download the Minds Eye Black Box game from the Apple App Store here:



Why your business needs an app

  • Affordable and effective way to communicate with your customers, increasing awareness of your brand
  • Allows customers to reach you in seconds. They can call/email you at the touch of a button to buy your products or set up an appointment with you
  • You can notify customers of promotions, special events and launches
  • You can store large amounts of information, such as videos and catalogues, on an app
  • Apps are faster than web pages and work when the device is offline. It takes a second to launch an App, whereas a website could be slow to upload in a bad reception area
  • Custom apps for your employees can keep them in touch with the office while on the move, increasing productivity, any time, anywhere! A survey of 240 businesses suggests that the use of mobile apps designed to help employees complete their work increased productivity by 45% and raised operational efficiency by almost as much (44%).

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Amazing mobile facts!

Here are some very useful facts about mobiles and smart devices

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App design process

The development process for your App

We have a tried an trusted process for App development. We have found that this process works well not just for the client but it also helps us to achieve a very good understanding of your requirements.

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