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Career Ladder

Career Ladder is an App we developed for West Associates Ltd.

It is currently available for the iPhone and we are planning to create an Android version very soon.

CareerLader Screen captures

Career Ladder helps you make better career decisions.

Career Ladder is a proven tool that really works. Designed by psychologists it has helped thousands of people of all ages and nationalities, from school leavers to senior managers.

  • Make better career choices that really work for you.
  • Understand yourself and what you need in your work and career.
  • Enhance your effectiveness and job satisfaction at work.
  • Learn more about yourself and how you relate to colleagues.

Career Ladder has 3 tests - Motivation, Personality and Interests - giving 15 pages of results with a full PDF report. Use the test as often as you like and store the results to compare them over time.


>> More information on the Career Ladder website



Download Career Ladder App on the Apple App Store

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