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What our clients say


I grew up with Black Box and have never known anyone else to have it or know about it. I really didn't think there would be an app for that but there are several. I can definitely say yours tops them all. Thank you so much for bringing this awesome game to the iPhone platform. Now I am just looking for iPhone versions of skirrid and twixt. There are similar games but they don't have the same qualities as those classics. Thanks again!!!

Sent from the iPhone of Doom

Jason Stanton, iPhone user



We were looking at the amount of solar energy that would strike the façade of a building depending on the configuration of a shading device. We had collated a whole heap of data to analyse different configurations. Previously, we would have had to spend many hours explaining it all to our clients, so we asked Trevor Loveland to create a visually pleasing interface or viewer for the complex Excel spreadsheet.

The post-processing tool he created allows a range of users to scroll through the data in an interactive way, and means clients can understand and test the implications of different configurations in a logical fashion and feel more involved in the decision-making process.

The interface had a bit of ‘wow’ factor that gave the client something beyond his expectations..

The quality of Trevor’s work was excellent. He turned the project around very quickly, the cost was good value for money and we were happy to get what we wanted. We found him to be responsive to the tweaks and adjustments we needed along the way and are keen to use his services again.

Ed Forwood, Arup Group Ltd




Trevor Loveland of Minds Eye Interactive has undertaken a variety of work for us since 2003. We used his strong graphical skills to produce 3D models for our splash screens for all our applications, and as a software developer on various specialist tools, some of which aren’t sold and others that we look to commercialise.

For example, he helped develop our ‘ASPIRE’ product that is used by poverty relief organisations around the world to assess environments, typically slums. The software takes users through a series of questions against a fairly rigid framework to build a picture of what the problem is and how to effectively mitigate against it. They can measure the situation and monitor improvements in areas such as transportation, water supply, availability of materials, food and utilities.

He is also doing some exploratory fact-finding work for us on using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) to build applications with more control over the user interface.
We find that by involving Trevor early on, he is able to step back from a problem and see it differently. He’s not afraid to put his ideas forward, which has proved quite useful. With his graphical background, he sees opportunities to make things clearer and more visually appealing, and adopts a variety of software techniques and programming tools as necessary to solve the problem.

He’s quite happy to work for a fixed fee or on an hourly basis, and to pop in and see us if required. He has also adopted our QA processes, documenting and storing data as we prescribe, and has access to our systems so he can drop off data on our servers.

Alec Milton, Managing Director of Oasys Ltd, Associate Director of Arup Group Ltd




MAT Systems design bespoke software, mainly databases. We used Trevor Loveland of Minds Eye Interactive to design logos and graphics to make our software look a lot more professional. All we had to do was explain the products and he designed professional graphics we can use on our packaging and in our magazine and online advertising to help us market and sell.

Trevor provided top quality design, with very good turnaround time and we were happy about affordability too. He is very knowledgeable, knows what he’s doing and has a natural aptitude for it.

Mark Tait, Managing Director, MAT Systems Ltd